© 2021 & 2018

rise blossom
through the sky
come falling petals

holding on
to being held
desiring surrender

covered in snow
freezing within
shivering aloneness

clouds wash
upon the shore
the sky swims
with mountains

heart anchored bridges
build up the spine
supporting canopies

branches fall
as a slipping squirrel
becomes distant traffic

longing heart
the pangs of life
waiting to be born

mystical sideways
proceeding backward
straightening as it bows

wild wonders whisper
that the lily dreams
of sprouting
in fallen sadness laid bare
where the peak
of a tumbling mountain
empties into fertile soil
and trusting fate
under winter’s spell
fissures into yearning

memory fragments
echo as dreams
blossom without light

passing clouds
cover the moon
in shades of
darkening brilliance

look out to see
inside yourself
look in to see the stars

holding hand
lets go to catch
what is ever falling

bounded puddles
coalesce as dew
forms globes
on clover patches

radical empathy
armed with compassion
aims through kindness

we are what it is
for nothingness is not
whatever its thought of as being

leaves float up
as they glide on the wind
ever destined to fall

clear spirit melts away
leaving only love